2016 a “staggering” year for pedestrian car accident fatalities in CT

Drivers are supposed to operate their vehicles safely. They are supposed to watch out for kids riding their bikes, people crossing the roads at intersections and riders leaving the bus.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Whether distracted or driving too fast to stop in time, drivers are striking pedestrians at alarming rates in Connecticut. These accidents have become so prevalent that a recent article in the ShoreLine Times discussed the problem. The piece notes the director of the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center stated that there was “no denying that 2016 was a very staggering year for pedestrian fatalities as a result of motor vehicle crashes.”

How common are pedestrian accidents in Connecticut? Unfortunately, these accidents are not uncommon.

Local police departments report that there were 1,402 pedestrian accidents in 2016. Some of these accidents result in catastrophic injuries. The University of Connecticut’s Crash Data Repository reports that there were over 50 deaths due to motor vehicles striking pedestrians.

How can we reduce the number of these tragic pedestrian fatalities? In some cases the accident is truly an accident. In others, the crash is the result of the driver’s reckless or negligent actions. In these later situations, it can help to hold the driver accountable.

How can holding a negligent driver accountable help? Holding a negligent or reckless driver accountable can help in two ways. First, a successful personal injury suit can result in monetary awards. This can help to cover the costs associated with the accident.

Second, holding this person accountable in court can deter others from making the same mistake. This could potentially reduce the risk of negligent actions by other drivers, ultimately increasing the safety of your community.