A case against wheel spikes

Wheel spikes are getting the attention of trucking companies as well as some governments. Many trucking companies are banning them because some other motorists view them as a sign of an aggressive truck driver. The companies want to promote images of drivers who operate their vehicles in reasonable and safe ways on Connecticut roads.

Hawaii passed legislation with the goal of eliminating dangerous wheels such as wheels that have wheel spikes. The statute prohibits any cap, wheel cover, or wheel decoration that extends at least four inches beyond the portion of the wheel rim that extends away from the vehicle.

Nearly half of the bicyclists and one-quarter of pedestrians who get killed by a large truck make side impact first. The likelihood of bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities could increase when a side impact car crash also involves jutting wheel spikes.

Not only do wheel spikes often leave other drivers on the road with a negative impression of a vehicle operator, but it might also indicate the driver operating the vehicle with wheel spikes does approach the road more aggressively, and that driver uses the wheel spikes to communicate this approach. The chances of a car crash get increased when a wheel spike juts out from a tire.

Semi truck accidents have the potential of causing severe and catastrophic injuries to bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians as well as to occupants of other vehicles. The use of protruding covers can often exacerbate the damage. People who have been harmed in such an accident that was caused by the negligence of the truck driver or company might want to have a lawyer’s help in seeking appropriate compensation for their losses.