Advocates seeking more road testing for driverless cars

Congress has been asked to consider the way driverless cars are regulated in Connecticut and the whole of the United States. Advocates are urging more road testing for autonomous vehicles as well as a law that would not allow states to vary their regulations for such cars.

If such legislation were to pass, it would be to the satisfaction of many companies that are working on the technology that allows cars to drive themselves. These companies are eager to test their vehicles as much as possible without varying state restrictions so that they can get their self-driving cars onto the market. Supporters of driverless technology insist that vehicles like these becoming common would significantly reduce the number of traffic fatalities.

Advocates are concerned about allowing cars to be tested on the roads without safety certification. Some lawmakers want Congress to hold off on moving these bills to the floor until a new director of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is appointed. Automakers suggest that fully automated driverless vehicles are still years away from being commonly manufactured, and it could take longer if fewer cars are allowed on the roads for testing.

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