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Millions of commuters across the country use public transportation, which includes tens of thousands of residents and visitors in Connecticut who ride buses every day. Thousands of children in Connecticut also rely on school buses to get them safely to and from school. All riders expect that they’ll get to their destinations safely on a bus that’s regularly maintained and operated by trained and licensed bus drivers.

Sadly, bus accidents still happen, and when they do, the injuries and related losses could be devastating or even fatal. The 2018 estimate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reveals that about 25,000 individuals were injured in roughly 15,000 bus accidents.

Are you a bus accident victim, or did a loved one die in a fatal bus crash caused by someone else’s negligent acts? Get in touch with our Windsor bus accident attorneys to find out how you can pursue proper compensation for your bus accident-related injuries and damages.

Recovering Financial Compensation in a Bus Accident Claim

Injured bus accident victims deserve proper compensation for all the damages they incurred due to another’s negligent actions. This includes economic damages, which are your actual out-of-pocket expenses, such as medical bills, lost income, and property damage, among others.

You may also be eligible to recover non-economic damages, which reimburse you for intangible injuries, such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, disfigurement, scarring, and reduced quality of life, among others. Depending on the particular facts of the accident, you may likewise receive punitive damages and wrongful death damages.

Determining Liable Parties in a Bus Accident Case

Operators and owners of buses could be held legally responsible for the losses of passengers who were injured while riding their buses. Likewise, bus drivers and their employers could be held liable for injuries caused to other drivers and their passengers in bus crashes. But determining liability for a bus accident is usually difficult because of the multiple potentially liable parties that may be involved. These parties could include:

Plenty of liability claims are based on multiple parties being accountable for a bus accident, such as a bus operator that hired an obviously incompetent or untrained driver who caused a crash. Likewise, while the driver’s actions resulted in the accident, a poorly or improperly maintained bus is a liability issue for the operator or owner of the bus.

Similarly, bus manufacturers might be liable for the crash if a manufacturing or design defect caused the accident. Hazardous road conditions could likewise contribute to or cause a bus crash. In addition, the entity responsible for maintaining the road where the bus crash occurred might not have installed proper road signs to alert drivers to dangerous road conditions ahead.

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