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Most passengers who get hurt in an auto accident are confused about whether they can seek compensation for their injuries. And if they can, they also might not know which and whose insurance policy covers them for passenger accidents and what they must do to pursue compensation. To find out more about passenger injury claims, our Manchester, CT car accident lawyers can explain your rights and next steps. Meanwhile, here are common compensation sources for passenger injury claims.

Filing a Third-Party Liability Insurance Claim

Passengers can typically make a claim against either of these insurance policies:

Claims of this kind are called third-party insurance claims because injured individuals are making a claim against another individual or third party’s insurance policy. As an injured passenger, it’s also possible that you may be able to file multiple claims. For instance, if the other vehicle’s driver’s coverage is not enough to cover your damages, you might have to seek compensation from the insurance policy of the driver of the car you were riding in during the accident. This is assuming, however, that both drivers contributed to the accident.

But keep in mind that you may not recover more than the value of your claim. This means that one policy would offset whatever compensation amount you recouped from the other insurance policy.

Filing a Claim against your Medical Payments Coverage

If you have medical payments or MedPay coverage, you could use this to cover your medical expenses as an injured passenger in a car accident. However, take note that MedPay has limits, which means that it might not completely cover all damages in accidents involving severe injuries. In most cases, it’s usually enough to cover immediate medical expenses.

Filing a Claim against your Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance Coverage

If the drivers involved in the accident that resulted in your injuries are uninsured or underinsured and you don’t have MedPay benefits, you may likewise be able to file a claim against your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, considering that you have one. This covers bodily injury and is required for all drivers in Connecticut.

Filing a Claim against your Health Insurance Plan

Depending on the terms and conditions of your health insurance policy, you might have to exhaust your auto insurance benefits first before you can turn to your health insurance, so ask your insurance provider. In most cases, policyholders usually pay a deductible to benefit from their health insurance coverage if they have not exhausted used up their auto insurance coverage.

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