Windsor Multi-vehicle Accident & Pileup Attorneys

Multi-vehicle accidents can be complicated personal injury cases. This is why you need a Windsor pileup attorney to represent you and investigate your crash.

There are countless cars and trucks traveling at high speeds on roads like I-84 and I-91. If there is traffic or bad weather conditions, drivers often cannot avoid a crash when they encounter trouble on the road. Especially in snow and ice, there are chain-reaction crashes. This can also happen when large vehicles such as trucks and buses involve other cars in crashes simply because of their size.

There are a number of causes of multi-vehicle accidents. They include:

Investigating a Multi-Car Crash Can Be Complicated

The problem in a multi-car pileup is pinpointing the exact cause of the crash. When there are many vehicles involved, it is necessary to determine to figure out which driver started the pileup.

Usually, the first car to make contact with another is the one responsible, but that is not always the case. There may be shared liability between two or more cars in the crash. It all depends on the unique facts of your accident.

A car crash attorney investigates the accident to secure evidence to strengthen your case.

Other Legal Issues Involved in a Multi-Car Crash

There may be other challenging legal issues. For example, the responsible driver may have multiple claims against his insurance and/or insufficient coverage limits to fairly compensate all injured parties. For that reason, you may need to use on your own underinsured motorist coverage to pay for your injuries.

In addition, there may be a truck or bus involved in the multi-car accident. When that happens, you can usually sue the company that employs the truck or bus driver if their actions had a role in the accident. This means that there is a larger insurance policy against which to file a claim which could lead to more compensation.

Getting legal help right after your accident could get you started on figuring out who or what was to blame and how you could receive financial compensation. You may be contacted by the insurance company for one of the drivers involved, and they may be looking to pin the blame on you. With investigations being so detailed, you need someone on your side to:

In short, you need a lawyer to advocate for you as authorities and insurance companies sort out what happened.

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