Hartford Roadway Construction Accident Attorneys

The State of Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is frequently involved in major road construction projects to overhaul and improve highways like I-84 and other roads and bridges in the Hartford area. This changes the road conditions drivers are used to, and it can make for a nail-biting experience. Road construction zones are dangerous for drivers and construction workers alike for the following reasons:

If you are in a crash in a road work zone, discuss your options with a Hartford roadway construction accident lawyer right away.

Careless Drivers Don’t Follow Work Zone Laws

Even though states often double the fine in road construction zones, it makes little difference when a careless or reckless driver has something else in mind. They place other drivers and construction workers at risk. Injured motorists and workers can sue the responsible driver in a negligence case. If they can prove that the driver acted unreasonably under the circumstances, they can receive financial compensation.

Note that a different standard of reasonableness may apply in a work zone. Drivers may be required to exercise an extra degree of care in a construction zone because the situation requires it. They may even need to travel under the speed limit. The guiding principle is that drivers must be more careful because construction zones pose risks to many people’s health and safety. Instead, many motorists are either distracted or impatient. As a result, hundreds of people die in work zone accidents, and countless more people are hurt each year.

Injured Workers Can Also Sue Drivers

Injured workers and their families also have a right to sue. Drivers causing injury to construction workers can also be held responsible for those injuries.

Over 100 road zone workers each year are killed in accidents. Most deaths are the result of vehicles hitting the worker while passing through the zone.

At the same time, injured drivers may sue the construction contractor if their accident happened as a result of the company’s negligence. This could include situations where there was debris or something blocking the roadway. Debris can puncture a tire or cause a driver to brake sharply to avoid it.

Highway construction zone accidents require fact gathering and investigation to learn what happened. It may take some effort to find out who was to blame for the crash because there are many possibilities in a work zone.

Given the sheer number of things that are going on in a work zone, you need someone who is experienced in investigating highway accidents. An attorney can assemble evidence and speak on your behalf when it comes to determining liability.

Hartford Roadway Construction Accident Attorneys

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