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The law firm of Berman & Russo represents clients who have suffered serious bodily injury during a rollover accident. We know how dangerous and frightening rollover accidents can be for the victims involved.

Many rollover crashes in Connecticut are caused by the “tripping” of an automobile. Tripping occurs when an automobile leaves a paved road and strikes dirt or grass. The automobile’s tires dig in, and the vehicle rolls over.

If you were involved in this type of crash and suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one, reach out to an experienced Hartford rollover attorney who can assess your rights.

Common Injuries Caused by Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents may cause catastrophic injuries. Traumatic brain injuries(TBI) often occur during rollover accidents, especially if the driver or passenger was not wearing a safety belt. A person can be ejected from a vehicle during a rollover accident, and this can result in traumatic brain injuries, as well as other catastrophic injuries. Traumatic brain injuries that occur during rollover accidents can result in death in many cases.

Even if a person is not ejected during the crash, a victim may be twisted and thrown inside the automobile during the rollover accident. For this reason, neck and head injuries are common during this type of crash, as well as soft tissue tears and joint injuries. Glass also might shatter and cause lacerations when occupants hit windows while rolling.

Some other common injuries suffered by survivors of rollover accidents include the following:

Survivors of rollover accidents often have to pay for long-term medical treatment, which can include hospitalization, surgeries, and ongoing physical rehabilitation.

Rollover Accident Statistics

Rollover accidents have many different causes. Some of the factors that are most commonly observed during rollover accidents include the following:

If you or a loved one suffered serious bodily injury during a rollover accident in Hartford, Connecticut, then contact Berman & Russo today. We can deal with insurance companies and insurance claims adjusters while you heal from your injuries.

Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

Researchers consider many important factors when assessing the cause of a rollover accident. Speed is a primary cause of rollover accidents in Connecticut and throughout the United States. Seventy-five percent of fatal rollover accidents involve drivers traveling at speeds greater than 55 miles per hour.

Alcohol is also a factor involved in rollover accidents. Half of all rollover accidents involve one or more drivers who drank some amount of alcohol. These drivers are not necessarily intoxicated, but even slight amounts of alcohol can impair a driver’s reaction time and ability to judge road conditions accurately.

Driver distraction is another major contributing factor to rollover accidents. Distracted driving often causes drivers to take their eyes off the road and react late to obstacles, which can lead them to overcorrect or swerve. Such erratic steering can lead a car to roll over.

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