Representing Bicycle Accident Victims

Many roadways throughout Connecticut are filled with bicyclists enjoying the roads and scenery. While these roads are to be shared with cars, trucks and other vehicles, even when a cyclist observes the laws of the road, a driver may not. Serious accidents are often caused by drivers who are not paying attention or do not appropriately share the road with a bicycle.

We at Berman & Russo, help victims of bicycle accidents obtain maximum compensation for their injuries in an insurance settlement or trial verdict. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience serving plaintiffs in auto accident litigation.

Were You Harmed While Riding A Bicycle?

Because bike riders who have been hit by a car or truck tend to sustain severe injuries, our depth of knowledge helps ensure that the victim gets adequate compensation for their medical treatment, lost wages and other expenses caused by a negligent driver.

  • Though most bicycle riders do what they can to protect themselves when they ride alongside traffic, when a driver neglects a rider's safety, there may not be anything the rider can do to avoid getting struck by a multi-ton motor vehicle.
  • Driver negligence comes in all shapes and sizes. If a driver has run a stop sign or stoplight, was speeding, disregarded signage on the road noting a bike lane or just did not even take the time to notice when he or she was sharing the road with a bicyclist, an accident may occur. This negligence by the driver can result in serious injuries to the bicyclist, who has no protection from a collision.
  • Whether you have suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or other head injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, neck injuries, broken bones, road rash or other injuries in a bike accident, we will take the time to review all the details of the case and hold the negligent driver responsible.

Talk With An Attorney Before Signing Anything From The Insurance Company

Even when a bike accident was clearly the motorist's fault, the driver's insurance company may choose to pressure the victim into accepting an unfair settlement offer.

The attorneys of Berman & Russo know how auto insurance companies and their lawyers operate. We counter their schemes with firm, proven negotiation tactics. We come prepared with a careful review of the evidence and knowledge of the applicable law. If the insurance company does not settle on a reasonable dollar figure, we will take your case to court to let a jury decide.

We conduct a thorough investigation of the accident site. We employ accident reconstructionists, medical personnel and other experts to prepare a complete and fair accident injury claim. In bike accident cases, we retain experts who use the latest technology to reconstruct the last moments before the crash.

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