Can Fault Be Determined by Car Accident Damage?

Proving the other driver’s fault is foundational to your car accident claim. If fault is not immediately apparent at the accident scene, a variety of factors can be considered in making this complicated determination, including the damages themselves.

Proving fault in car accidents is a complicated task that is best left to the professional legal skill of an experienced Vernon car accident attorney.

The Police Report

The attending police officer at the scene of the accident will write a police report, and this report may include the officer’s opinion about fault in the matter.

While this can be helpful, it is not the final word on who is responsible for the accident – it is the officer’s opinion at the time. Depending on the detail, the police report may help you demonstrate fault in your claim.

Photographic Evidence

Pictures taken of the damage at the scene of the accident is a primary form of evidence when it comes to proving fault.

Taking pictures of the two cars involved in the accident, of the damage to both, and of anything else that might be relevant will help you tell the story of your accident and help bolster your claim of the other driver’s negligence.

If you are unable to take photos yourself, a bystander at the scene may be willing to step in on your behalf. The kinds of pictures that are likely to help the most include:

Proving fault is complicated and not something you need to tackle.

Your dedicated car accident attorney has the experience, resources, and drive prepare evidence on your behalf – often with the assistance of accident recreation experts and their tools.

Additional Evidence: Eyewitness Statements

Additional evidence that can be culled from the scene of the accident to help you prove negligence often comes from eyewitnesses.

When a neutral third party provides a statement about your accident, it can be very compelling evidence and may help you definitively pinpoint fault.

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