Can I Sue My Rideshare Driver If I am Involved in an Accident and Get Injured?

Along with the ease and practicality of rideshare services come novel issues about liability for accidents involving rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft. Primarily, can injured people sue rideshare drivers directly? Also, whose insurance coverage applies to accidents and related losses arising from rideshare accidents?

Yes, You Can Sue a Rideshare Driver After Getting Injured in an Accident

Rideshare companies require their drivers to carry personal auto insurance policies. The companies provide supplemental coverage for accidents when their driver is logged on or available through their app or is actively carrying a passenger.

The extra coverage provided by rideshare companies is crucial because most personal auto insurance providers will disclaim or deny coverage if the crash happened while their policyholder was on-the-clock for a rideshare. In Connecticut and other states, rideshare drivers may purchase rideshare endorsements to supplement their personal auto coverage plans.

If a driver submits an insurance claim and they do not have a rideshare endorsement, their insurer could cancel the insurance policy if it stipulates the insured vehicle must only be used for personal purposes.

Yes, It’s Possible to Sue a Rideshare Company

People who have been injured in a crash involving a rideshare driver can sue the rideshare company under certain circumstances. But they must keep in mind that rideshare companies do not employ their drivers, and they treat them as independent contractors instead. 

While employers can usually be held vicariously liable for their employees’ actions, companies cannot be held liable for the negligent or wrongful acts of independent contractors. Regarding rideshare accidents, these companies argue that while they provide drivers with an app to find passengers, the drivers set their own work conditions and work schedules and use their personal vehicles.

Because rideshare drivers are classified as independent contractors, rideshare companies have limited liability with regard to their driver’s actions, which means injured people will have a difficult time suing the company directly. This does not mean, however, the rideshare company can’t be held liable for the damages after an accident involving their drivers.

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