I Did Not Carry Motorcycle Insurance. Can I Still Sue The Driver Who Hit Me?

Riders involved in motorcycle crashes can suffer serious and costly injuries, including spinal cord damage, brain injuries, internal organ damage, paralysis, broken bones, and burns. After getting the medical attention they need, their next concern is how to cover their financial obligations while they heal.

But what if you did not have insurance when you got hit by a driver? Will you be able to sue them? Fortunately, you can sue the driver that hit you.

Uninsured Motorcyclists Still Have Rights

Uninsured motorcyclists who were hit by negligent drivers have the right to get compensated fairly for all the damages they suffered. The fact that they were uninsured when the crash occurred doesn’t absolve the negligent driver of liability for the accident and the injured party’s losses.

If the injured motorcyclist decides to file a claim against the driver, a Manchester roadside lawyer can help them build a solid case that would give them the best possible results: 

Required Insurance Coverage for Motorcyclists in Connecticut

All motorcyclists in Connecticut are lawfully required to carry and maintain the following insurance coverage requirements:

While injured motorcyclists can file a claim against the negligent driver that struck them, they will face penalties for not having or maintaining their insurance coverage. These penalties include hefty fines, license suspension, vehicle impoundment, and even prison time.

Consult With a Manchester Roadside Lawyer Now

While an injured motorcyclist can sue a driver that hit them, even if they didn’t have insurance when the crash happened, doing so can be challenging. A skilled Manchester roadside lawyer can help them with their claim so they can secure maximum compensation under the law. Call 860-644-1548 or contact Berman & Russo online to arrange a free consultation with a Manchester roadside lawyer.