Car Accident Statistics in Hartford

Even if responsible drivers plan ahead, drive defensively, and follow all the rules of the road, there’s always a possibility that a negligent driver will drive recklessly and cause a car crash that can significantly affect innocent people’s lives. Statistics for Hartford car accidents from the Connecticut Crash Data Repository provide a glimpse of the life-changing and potentially deadly effects of driver negligence.

From January to October 2022, there have been 3,662 crashes in Hartford, and these have resulted in 10 deaths and 1,128 injuries. Of the crashes

With so many crashes happening in Hartford, understanding how, where, and why they occur may give people an idea of how to reduce injuries and, hopefully, eliminate deaths.

Top 10 Roadways and Locations for Crashes in Hartford

Most of these crashes occurred between April and August, and happened in the following locations:

Causes of Hartford Car Accidents

There are various reasons that car accidents occur in Hartford, but the statistics point to driver negligence and human error as the main causes.

Lighting and Weather Conditions for Car Accidents in Hartford

The majority, 82.93%, of car crashes in Hartford happened when the weather was actually clear. Cloudy and rainy weather only accounted for approximately 13% of all car accident cases. Clear road conditions were noted in most of these crashes as well. In addition, more than 83.76% of crashes happened on dry roadways, while roadways were wet only in 12.78% of accidents.

When it comes to lighting conditions, 68.24% of crashes happened during daylight, 25.04% of crashes happened during dark and lighted conditions, and 2.51% of crashes occurred in the dark and not lighted conditions.

Unfortunately, the number of car crashes that happen in broad daylight on dry roadways with clear skies suggests that driver negligence is the leading cause of car accidents when compared to inclement weather, defective roads, or poor lighting conditions.

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