DUI Arrests Over the Holiday

Over the New Year holiday weekend, the Connecticut State Police (CSP) responded to 243 crashes and arrested 36 drivers for alleged drunk or drugged driving. Between the hours of 12:01 am on Friday and 11:59 pm on Monday, the police responded to 4,875 calls.

20 people suffered injuries in DUI crashes, including serious injuries in Colchester and Hartford accidents. Fortunately, none of the DUI holiday accidents resulted in deaths. An individual was killed in an accident in Woodbridge, which is still under investigation. In addition, the police issued 396 speeding tickets and ten seatbelt violations.

During the 2021-2022 New Year’s holiday weekend, the CSP responded to 5,159 service calls and 243 accidents, arrested 36 drivers for DUI, assisted 195 motorists, and issued 13 seatbelt violations and 352 speeding violations. These crashes resulted in two deaths and 25 injuries.

Why Drunk Driving Accidents Increase During The Holidays

Many people look forward to partying with friends and family during the holiday season, but it’s also when many people drink more alcohol than usual. The holiday season’s festive spirit can instantly turn tragic when a person is in a drunk driving accident. But why do DUI crashes increase during the holidays?

Increased Availability or Alcohol

Aside from an increase in parties, events, and gatherings involving drinking alcohol, bars, and stores are also open longer during the holidays. This usually results in increased consumption of and access to alcohol, leading to increased intoxicated drivers on the roadways and DUI-related collisions.

Some People Think They Are Not Too Drunk

It’s fairly easy to misjudge how much a person’s drinking and how long the effects of alcohol would last. Alcohol will continue to affect the body and brain long after a person’s last drink and even after drinking coffee or an energy drink. After a person stops drinking, the alcohol in their stomach will continue seeping into the bloodstream, causing impaired coordination and judgment for hours.

Underage Drinking is Common During Holiday Weekends

Teenagers usually come home from college during the holidays. Unfortunately, many teens drink even when they are underage. Drinking alcohol can impair their judgment and increases their risk of driving while drunk and getting into crashes. 

Holiday Stress and Anxiety

Having time off from work and time for more parties during the holiday season are not the only precursors to drinking alcohol and driving. For many people, holiday stress is real and challenging. Some people may turn to drinking during holiday gatherings to cope with their emotions or mask their sadness or anxiety. But they don’t realize drinking can impact their ability to control their vehicles safely, which can result in more people driving while drunk during the holidays.

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