How Do You Properly Document an Accident Scene?

Insufficient or inaccurate documentation of the accident scene can hurt a claim against the other driver’s insurer or a third party. After calling 911 and the police, follow these tips to document the accident scene:

Write Down Details of The Accident Scene

If physically able, injured parties should record details about the scene, whether on paper, a notes app on their smartphone, or by recording audio or video. Include all the parties present, the speed they were going, what caused the crash, road and weather conditions, and statements from the at-fault party and any witnesses.

These detailed notes will help investigators, the police, and attorneys involved in the case. They can likewise serve as vital evidence in a personal injury claim. Remember, memories naturally fade over time but having these notes can jog the injured party’s memory if needed.

Take Pictures and Videos of The Accident Scene and Injuries

Take as many pictures and videos as needed to paint a picture of the crash site, injuries, and property damage. Make sure to take clear photos and videos from different angles. These can be used as evidence to strengthen your case. Include shots of interior and exterior damage, skid marks, road conditions, road debris, license plates, and other details that may be useful.

While recovering, the injured party must also take photos of their injuries, even if the injuries appear minor. Creating a daily log of the recovery process and how their condition progresses is also a good idea. Store the photos and videos carefully and make copies. Record the date the photos and videos were taken.

Gather Information From The At-Fault Party and Any Eyewitnesses

Make sure to get all the names, contact details, and insurance information of the drivers involved in the crash. If anyone witnessed the accident, get their statements and contact details as well. Be warned, however, that not all drivers may be cooperative or willing to share this information. If this is the case, just wait for law enforcement to arrive and get this information from them. 

Keep All Bills and Receipts Related to The Accident

These include medical bills, expenses for vehicle repairs, and other related bills incurred due to the accident. Record all doctor appointments and details of everything that was discussed, and the treatment provided. Keeping accurate records and receipts will help a lawyer calculate the damages that can be sought in a claim against the at-fault party.

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