How Many Accidents are Caused by Teen Drivers?

According to data from the UCONN Connecticut Crash Data Repository, 52,209 motor vehicle crashes happened in Connecticut between January and September 2021. Drivers aged 15 to 20 years old caused 8,649 of these crashes. Likewise, 150 people in Connecticut died in auto crashes that involved teen drivers in the last decade between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which the AAA dubbed as the 100 Deadliest Days.

The AAA also states that between 2008 and 2018, approximately 8,300 people were killed in teen-related crashes during the summertime nationwide. The AAA’s 2019 Traffic Safety Culture Index Survey also found that the last ten years of crash data showed that teen drivers continue to be overwhelmingly represented in auto crashes, and the summer season marks a rise in fatal auto accidents for this specific age group.

In addition, the survey found that for each mile driven, inexperienced teen drivers who are between the ages of 16 and 17 are three times more at risk of being involved in a fatal auto crash than adults 25-35.

Common Causes of Accidents Involving Teen Drivers

The vast majority of teen drivers do not have the necessary maturity, skills, and experience of seasoned drivers. This contributes to an increased risk of fatal auto crashes, not just for young drivers but for all passengers and other road users as well. With the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions easing, this is an excellent time for parents and guardians to consider enrolling their teens in comprehensive driver safety and education courses.

Teen drivers must likewise fully understand the dangers of specific factors that typically cause fatal auto accidents for teen drivers:

Not Wearing a Seatbelt – In a 2015 research, 60% of teen drivers who died in an auto accident were not wearing their seatbelts. But teen drivers who wore seatbelts significantly decreased their risk of being severely injured or killed in an auto crash. Likewise, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates, 47% of the 22,251 vehicle occupants who died in 2019 were not wearing their seatbelts.

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