If I Think an Accident is My Fault, Should I Say Something?

No. Even if a driver thinks they might be partially or wholly responsible for causing a motor vehicle accident, they should not admit fault or suggest they might have caused the accident. The aftermath of an accident can be very chaotic, confusing, and terrifying.

But the situation calls for calm and clarity, so a potentially liable driver must be very careful about what they say at the scene, particularly when speaking with the other driver, witnesses, and the police about who or what might have caused the accident. When in doubt, get in touch with a Hartford roadside lawyer as soon as possible after an accident.

Why Admitting Fault for an Accident is Never a Good Idea

A driver who feels they might have caused the crash must never admit responsibility to the police, the other driver or their insurer. If they did cause the crash, the insurer would still need to gather evidence, establish fault and liability, and file their claim. Not admitting fault will help the potentially liable driver’s right to compensation.

If a driver is not solely liable for causing the crash, stating they may have contributed to or directly caused it can make it harder for them to secure fair compensation. All drivers must remember they have a fair chance of pursuing compensation for some of their accident-related losses, even if they share liability for the accident.

How The Comparative Negligence Law in Connecticut May Apply to Your Case

Under Connecticut’s comparative negligence law, injured parties can recover damages in an accident unless they are 51% at fault for it, such that:

In addition, if multiple drivers were at fault for a crash, the liability will be divided among them. This means that if an injured driver was injured in a crash with multiple liable drivers, they could bring a claim against any or all the other drivers’ insurance carriers.

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