Try to Get Photos After a Car Accident

Many personal injury lawyers advise you to take pictures and gather evidence at the scene of your car accident. This may not be possible if you’ve sustained serious injuries. Nonetheless, it is important for someone to take pictures at the scene.

Photographs Are Evidence that You Can Use

Many car accident cases end up being a case of your word against theirs. Sometimes, it is easier for insurance companies to figure out what happened based on witness accounts and the damage to the cars. However, it is not always possible for them to easily figure out who was responsible for the crash. This is where you need photographic evidence to help advance your own side of the story.

Any insurance claim should be accompanied by visual or testimonial evidence. This could also include things like witness statements and camera footage. Otherwise, you are left with just your word of what happened.

Pictures of the scene can tell a story that the other driver may not be able to successfully deny. They are your only chance to memorialize the exact position of the cars after the crash. While they may not completely prove your case, they can go a long way towards backing up your side of the story.

Photos can also capture some of the conditions at the time of the accident. For example, if the road was icy or there was something hidden, pictures could document that. Photos of the scene could also help jog your own memory in case you need to testify, since the trauma of the accident could cause you to forget key details.

Take Pictures Yourself or Ask Someone Else

If you have any ability to take pictures yourself, you should before the damage is cleared. Once it is cleared, you lose the opportunity to gather this evidence. If you are too badly injured, you should ask someone else at the scene to take pictures and send them to you. Bystanders may be willing to assist you by snapping some shots. If not, contact family who may live close to the scene or even a lawyer who can get there in a hurry.

Here are some tips for taking pictures at the accident scene:

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