Is Avoiding Car Maintenance a Form of Negligence?

Proper and timely maintenance helps ensure that vehicles are safe to operate and all people sharing the road are kept safe. If a driver fails to service his car regularly and he causes a crash, injured parties can hold the driver liable for failure to maintain the car.

How Failure to Maintain a Car Can Be Considered Negligence

Drivers are legally obligated to follow all the rules of the road, including driving cars that are properly and regularly maintained, repaired, or serviced. If a driver drives a poorly maintained car, and their failure to service the car results in a crash, then the driver may be held legally responsible for any property damage and injuries caused by the crash.

For example, if the driver or owner of the car knew of a defect in the car that could result in injury to others or damage to property, and did not fix the, the car’s driver or owner may be held liable for the crash that resulted due to the car’s defect. This also applies to situations in which the owner isn’t the car’s driver.

Some of the most common examples of poor car maintenance include:

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