Should Drivers Carry Med Pay Insurance in CT?

Connecticut does not require drivers to carry Medical Payment (Med Pay) insurance. Before 1994, drivers paid their own medical expenses up to their policy limits, regardless of whether they caused the crash. This is known as the no-fault auto insurance system, which required drivers to carry Med Pay or Personal Injury Protection coverage.

Currently, the state follows a fault-based system, which requires registered motorists to carry certain auto insurance policies in case they get involved in an accident.

What Are The Auto Insurance Requirements in CT?

To drive in Connecticut legally, all motor vehicle drivers or owners must have at least the following auto insurance coverage:

What is Med Pay, and Should Drivers Have It?

Med Pay is optional in CT. It covers medical expenses for the insured, their passengers, and others named in their policy in an auto accident where the other party’s insurance is not applicable. It also covers funeral costs and lost earnings. Drivers can purchase it alongside their auto insurance coverage for a small premium – but you have to ask for it.

Standard health insurance, on the other hand, including Medicaid and Medicare, requires drivers to cover co-pays, which could be costly, particularly if the person needs special care. Many of them also require policyholders to meet a yearly deductible.

Hefty co-pays and deductibles make health insurance coverage less helpful for coverage involving treatments with doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors, among others.

When policyholders use their health insurance to cover accident-related bills they may be required to pay back the costs out of any insurance compensation they receive.

This may seem unfair, but this is the reality that many people face. 

With Med Pay coverage, however, policyholders have no yearly deductible before they can use their benefits. It can even be utilized for paying deductibles at the hospital and for doctor’s appointments. Most importantly, when Med Pay policyholders settle their case, it will not require reimbursement for anything that it covered.

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