Should I Call an Attorney Immediately After a Car Accident?

When you’ve been in a car accident in Hartford, there are a few things you should do before you call an attorney. Get medical attention, obtain contact and insurance information from the other driver(s), get witness information, take pictures, preserve any dashcam pictures, and file a police report if your accident requires an immediate report. Now that you’ve made sure you have your evidence preserved, and everyone is okay or receiving medical attention, it is time to call an attorney.

Don’t Talk to Any Insurance Company Before You Get a Lawyer

Claims adjusters and lawyers who work for insurance companies are not your friends. They work for insurance companies, and one of their most important jobs is to settle each claim for the smallest possible amount of money. Insurance companies do not make money paying claims; they profit by holding claim payments down.

Remember, anything you say to the insurance company can be used against you in disputing your claim or a later lawsuit. Similarly, you want to avoid talking about your accident on social media. The other side can and will research and use those statements as well.

What Can a Lawyer Do for Me?

The experienced and knowledgeable Hartford car accident attorney that you contact now knows a great deal more about car accident claims than you do. Let the attorney work with your claim and the insurance companies involved to obtain the best possible result for you.

Evaluating Your Claim

Car accident lawyers will generally offer an initial free consultation during which you will discuss your case and its potential settlement value. Car accident attorneys know that your recovery may involve a lot more than just the damage to your vehicle. Injuries have consequences like medical costs and lost wages; there may be life-long medical needs. Your Hartford attorney will consider all of these issues and include them in settlement discussions with you.

Working with the Other Side

Car accident attorneys negotiate with insurance company lawyers every day. They know the companies, they know their attorneys, and, most importantly, they know the strategies the companies and attorneys will use to try to lowball your settlement. This back-and-forth process is one place where you definitely want to let the pros handle the case.

Timing Is Everything

Connecticut, like most states, has a short period in which you can file a lawsuit after a car accident. You may not think you will need to go to court, but your car accident attorney knows that the two-year period mandates acting quickly. The longer you wait to act on your Hartford car accident, the harder it will be: evidence disappears, witnesses forget, and time goes by. Having an attorney early in the process preserves your right to take whatever steps may be necessary without wasting more time.

Consider Contacting a Hartford Car Accident Attorney Today

To reiterate, the sooner you consult with counsel about your car accident, the greater the potential to achieve a fair and just outcome for your case. There is very little, if anything, to be gained from waiting while acting sooner can help your case in the long run. Reach out to Berman & Russo today.