Steps to Take After a Car Accident

The first thing that you need to do following a car crash is get the medical help that you need to recover. Of course, you need this for your long-term health, but it is also important for your claim. In order to be paid for your injuries, you need documentation that shows exactly how you have been hurt. Then, the insurance company can calculate what you may need for future medical bills and pain and suffering. The key is to have a well-documented file that is easy for the insurance company to understand.

You must also get prompt medical help because it takes away an avenue that the insurance company may use to challenge your claim. If you wait too long, they may argue that your injuries were caused by something else.

Hire an Attorney

This is something that you need to do right after your accident. You cannot ignore the legal process because the insurance company may try to start it whether or not you have help. In addition, if you wait too long, you could lose valuable evidence that you need to prove your case. Your car accident attorney could:

You may wonder whether or not you can afford an attorney. The better question is whether you can afford not to have an attorney, Insurance companies have a standard practice of trying to nickel and dime victims on claims. It costs you nothing upfront to hire a car accident lawyer.

Document Your Claim

Your settlement check is supposed to reflect the effect that your accident injuries have had on your life. Unless you can bring tangible evidence that shows your exact costs, you will not be paid for them. This documentation should show both the financial and physical costs of your injuries. This should definitely include your earnings information to demonstrate your lost wages or the reduction in earnings capacity.

In addition, you should also document how your life has suffered since your accident. Pain and suffering can be a large part of your settlement check. Your claim should provide the details of your own, individual harm. For example, if you have suffered from severe anxiety from the accident, you should document it with a report from a doctor or therapist who treated you.

Documenting headaches may seem unimportant, but they may indicate the presence of a concussion. You can suffer a severe concussion without ever hitting your head. The whiplash effect of a collision can cause a concussion.

Also, you should consider keeping a journal of your day-to-day experience after the accident to prove what you have been through. Otherwise, the insurance company will use a generic formula for your claim, and it will almost certainly underestimate your damages.

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