Steps to Take After a Vernon Car Accident

When a car accident occurs, injured people may be scared, confused, and in shock. They probably don’t know what they should do to ensure their health and safety and start pursuing financial compensation for the losses they suffered in the crash. But they can help protect their legal rights and options for financial recovery by following these simple steps after a Vernon car accident.

Get Medical Attention ASAP

Besides protecting the health of injured individuals by receiving prompt and proper medical attention, doing so will also help establish the link between their injuries and the car crash. This will be helpful when proving fault and liability for their injuries and related damages.

Report The Car Crash

The responding officer can thoroughly evaluate the situation and create a report detailing their findings. This report may even include whom the police believe caused the crash, which can be extremely useful for an injured individual’s claim.

Gather Evidence at Accident Scene

Take photographs and videos of the accident scene, any injuries, and damage to the vehicles. If there are witnesses, getting their account of the accident can also strengthen their personal injury claim.

Never Admit Fault

Injured individuals must never apologize or allude to a mistake they might have committed during the crash. They don’t know all the details of the crash, such as the possibility of the other driver texting while driving or being impaired. Anything they say can be used against them.

Don’t Give Recorded Statements

The at-fault driver’s insurer might request a statement from the injured individual. But whatever they say to the insurer will be used against them and twisted for their own benefit. Speak to a Vernon car accident attorney first before talking to any insurance providers.

Never Sign Any Documents from The Insurer

Expect to receive paperwork from the insurer. But injured individuals must not sign any of these documents. For example, the insurer may ask them to sign a document that will give them access to their hospital records. They’ll attempt to use these medical records to claim that their injuries did not result from the crash but from a pre-existing injury or condition.

Don’t Accept a Settlement

The insurer may offer claimants a quick settlement to close an injury claim as soon as possible. But it may be difficult to calculate the injured individual’s damages so early on after the accident to determine if the settlement offer is enough for their losses. A skilled Vernon personal injury attorney can calculate the full value of a claim and negotiate with the insurer to ensure that injured individuals get compensated fairly.

Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney ASAP

It’s imperative to get legal guidance as soon as possible after a Vernon car accident. An injured individual may have a limited time to file their claim, so it’s crucial that they preserve their legal rights by filing their claim on time.

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