What Are the Laws in CT Regarding Failure to Yield?

Connecticut has recently tightened its pedestrian safety laws to make it easier for pedestrians to gain the right-of-way. Connecticut has strict laws about failure to yield governing street crossings and other scenarios where someone else has the right of way. Those who violate those laws could receive a citation. If their neglect caused an accident, they could also be legally responsible for the damage caused.

When Drivers Must Yield the Right of Way to Others

In Connecticut, drivers must yield when:

Connecticut Penalties for Failure to Yield

Drivers can face a variety of fines when they fail to yield the right of way. For example, when they fail to yield to pedestrians who have signaled an intent to enter the crosswalk, drivers can be fined up to $500.

In addition, failure to yield fines can be doubled when the driver does not yield the right of way to a bicycle. In addition to fines, drivers may also receive points on their licenses and the consequences could be license suspension and/or increased insurance rates.

If a driver is ticketed for failure to yield in a crash, it may be enough to show the driver was responsible due to a legal concept called negligence per se. When a driver violates a traffic law, it is considered negligence because reasonable drivers follow traffic laws.

What You Should Do After an Accident

You must call the police to the scene of an accident to get a full police report. In addition, you should also have witnesses to the accident who can testify that the driver failed to yield to back up your side of the story. If you can show that another driver failed to yield, it can be proof of negligence, and the at-fault diver would be responsible to pay for property damages and injuries to all parties involved.

Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

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