What are the Punishments for Tampering with Evidence?

Tampering with evidence is prohibited under state and federal law. Put simply, this crime entails the concealment, destruction, or modification of physical evidence with the intention of affecting a court proceeding or criminal investigation’s outcome. In Connecticut, tampering with evidence or fabricating it is considered a class D felony. The punishment for this crime is a fine not exceeding $5,000 and up to five years imprisonment.

What Exactly is Tampering with Evidence?

The act of tampering itself is a broad concept that basically covers various actions for concealing a crime. However, there are limitations to what could actually be charged as a criminal offense. For instance, the fact that an alleged offender was a willing participant in criminal activity does not automatically prove that they were aware of a possible investigation into the crime or that an item that they “tampered with” was considered evidence.

On the other hand, certain actions could trigger a charge of evidence tampering:

How Can You Defend Yourself Against a Tampering with Evidence Charge?

Anyone accused of any type of criminal offense is presumed innocent until proven guilty and has the legal right to present a defense and a fast trial. For someone to be found guilty of the charge against them, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused intended and planned to commit the crime. With a charge of tampering of evidence, the following are common defenses that might apply to your case:

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