What Are The Top Causes of Multi-Car Pile-Up Accidents in Vernon During The Winter Months?

Whether it is ice, sleet, or snow, winter weather can lead to immensely hazardous road and driving conditions. In fact, winter conditions caused approximately 33,000 crashes that resulted in injuries and 440 deaths in 2019.

But all drivers have a legal duty to drive safely, and this includes always taking into account the road, traffic, and weather conditions. When a driver drives dangerously, they’re liable for all the damages their dangerous driving causes.

How Do Winter Conditions Cause Multi-Car Pile-ups?

Multi-car pile-ups can turn even massive roads into parking lots for twisted metal and smashed cars, especially during the wintertime. And whether the crash involves five or dozens of vehicles, the results can be fatal. Here are the top causes of multi-car pile-ups during the winter season:

Slick and Icy Roadways

The traction on tires will be less effective on slick and icy roadways. Drivers may also come across black ice, which is a thin layer of water that freezes on surfaces. Because black ice is hard to see, anyone can drive over it and cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle.

Poor Visibility

Foggy, rainy, and snowy conditions can make it difficult for drivers to clearly see what’s in front of their cars. Likewise, since more drivers find themselves driving more and more even when it is dark outside due to daylight savings time, they can’t really see the conditions outside as clearly as they can when there’s sunlight.

Insufficient or Improper Car Maintenance

The harsh winter conditions can easily make vehicles hazardous, which is why maintaining them and ensuring they’re ready for winter is crucial. Otherwise, drivers can be susceptible to certain dangers and malfunctions while driving. For instance, if the windshield wipers or defrosting system is faulty, the driver can’t see the roadway properly through the mirrors and windows. Likewise, driving with inaccurate tire pressure on slick roadways can lead to the car spinning out or sliding.

Who’s Responsible for a Winter Multi-Car Pile-up?

Usually, drivers involved in multi-car pile-ups during winter mistakenly think that nobody’s to blame. But this isn’t always the case. In most cases, the driver who caused the first crash in a multi-car accident is responsible for causing the chain reaction of collisions. If a driver hits another vehicle, the driver may possibly be driving excessively fast for the wintry conditions and must be held liable.

Multi-car pile-ups at intersections are also common during winter since one driver will run a red light or stop sign and cause a pileup. But remember that slippery and slick roadways are not always entirely to blame because winter conditions can’t control the actions of negligent drivers.

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