What Damages Are Available If I'm Injured in a Car Crash in Hartford?

People who succeed in civil actions for injuries suffered due to another’s negligence are typically entitled to receive damages. The overall value of these damages is the maximum compensation they can recover for their claim. Damages are losses people incur from the car crash and include non-economic, economic, and punitive damages.

Economic Damages Are Measurable and Direct Costs

The first type of damages is called economic damages, also called special damages. It refers to expenses or losses related to the car crash and resulting injuries. Economic damages are relatively simple to quantify because they stem from measurable and actual losses. For instance, medical bills normally make up a significant portion of economic losses after a car crash. These bills can be calculated to show these specific losses. 

These damages differ greatly from one person to another because they’re tied to the specific losses the injured party suffered, but typically include the following:

Some injuries may cause a disability requiring the injured person to significantly modify their lifestyle. In this case, economic damages may include expenses related to this life-altering change, such as home care or remodeling a home to make it more accessible.

Non-Economic Damages Are Immeasurable and Subjective Losses

The next type of damages is non-economic, also known as general damages. This type is not as easy to calculate as economic damages because they’re not tied directly to specific monetary losses. Non-economic damages typically include:

Punitive Damages Serve to Punish The Negligent Party

Punitive damages aren’t meant to compensate for the injured party’s losses. Rather, they’re intended to punish the at-fault party in car accident cases involving particularly atrocious behavior and discourage similar conduct. This is also why punitive damages only apply to cases involving willful, intentional, reckless, or wanton behavior.

To receive punitive damages, an injured claimant must demonstrate the at-fault party’s behavior was not just negligent. They must demonstrate the at-fault party’s behavior showed disregard for the safety of other people.

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