What If I am Injured in a Hit and Run?

Drivers who cause traffic accidents in Connecticut, as in all states, are required to stop at the accident scene. A hit and run accident is one in which a driver flees the accident scene. Hit and run drivers face criminal penalties and can be sued by injured plaintiffs in civil court for damages.

People who have been injured in a hit and run crash can follow these guidelines to protect not only their health but their claim for damages as well.

Immediate Steps to Take Following a Hit and Run Crash

The first thing is to check on all people involved for any injuries. Do not try to chase after the fleeing driver. Dial 911, even if no one appears to be injured, and contact the police. Make sure to get proper medical care as soon as possible.

Record the following information about the hit and run driver while waiting for help to arrive and relay the findings to the police later:

It’s also a good idea to:

The Importance of Getting Medical Treatment Following a Hit and Run Accident

It’s all too common for hit and run victims to skip seeing a doctor after the accident – especially if they have no pain or symptoms. But there are many reasons why getting prompt medical treatment following an accident is important. 

Seeking proper medical attention as soon as possible protects both the injured party’s health and their right to fair compensation. Failing to get prompt medical treatment after the accident and then demanding compensation later may cause the insurance provider to argue the claimant’s injuries weren’t serious enough and try to deny or undervalue their claim.

Seeking timely medical treatment will create medical records detailing injuries, which can be used as evidence for their injury claim.

Consult with a Skilled Hartford Car Accident Lawyer Now

After seeking medical treatment and cooperating with the police, injured parties should discuss their case with a Hartford car accident lawyer. A lawyer will coordinate with the police to try and locate the hit and run driver and figure out the best options for recovering compensation to cover all your hit and run-related losses.

To learn more about your legal options following a hit and run accident, contact Berman & Russo for legal advice. Schedule a free consultation with their Hartford car accident lawyer by calling 860-644-1548 or reaching them online.