What If I Have Been in an Accident With a Company Car?

Liability for car accidents is not always clear and straightforward. This is especially true in accidents involving a company car, a car owned by a company or employer and driven by an employee. If the driver in a company car caused a crash, the injured party can seek monetary compensation from the driver or the driver’s employer, depending on the circumstances.

When is an Employer Liable for a Company Car Crash?

In general, the person that causes a car crash is at fault and liable for the crash. But under the vicarious liability or respondent superior doctrine, employers can be held liable for their employees’ actions and accidents their employees cause. This means that if the driver was working and acting within their employment’s scope during the crash, the employer will probably share fault and liability for the crash. 

The driver acted within the scope of employment if they met these conditions when the crash occurred:

Employers can also be held liable for car accidents their employees cause if the employee is not properly vetted, supervised, or trained during the hiring stage. For instance, if the employer hires a driver with a history of drunk driving, the employer can be held responsible for the driver’s negligent behavior.

When is a Driver or Employee Liable for a Car Crash?

In some cases, an employer is not liable for an accident caused by an employee while driving the company car. Examples of situations in which liability for a car crash may rest on the employee include, but are not limited to:

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