What if My Rental Car is Defective and Caused Me a Serious Injury?

You might rent a car while you travel or if your vehicle is getting repaired. When you rent a car, you trust that the car is in good working order and the rental company properly maintains the vehicle. What happens when a rental car is defective and causes an accident and serious injuries? Discuss your situation and options with an Enfield car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Accidents from Vehicle Defects

Not every car accident happens due to driver negligence. Vehicle defects can cause auto parts to malfunction, leading a driver to lose control. Some defects that might lead you to crash include:

When a rental car malfunctions, you can crash and suffer serious injury. Since you did nothing wrong, you should learn about your right to hold the rental company or others liable for your losses.

Rental Company Liability

Rental car companies have an obligation to rent vehicles that are safe and regularly inspected. Companies might fail to:

When a company rents a defective vehicle because it failed to meet its obligations, the rental company should be responsible for any harm that results.

The vehicle manufacturer might be liable for a defective vehicle in some cases. If the rental company had no way of knowing about the defect, you might have to file a claim against the manufacturing corporation.

Determining liability is only the first step in rental car accident cases. Then, you must pursue the necessary claims, often against large corporations. Rental car agreements are complicated and aim to shield the company from liability. You should expect the company to try to avoid liability whenever possible. You need an experienced attorney handling your case who regularly goes up against large companies.

Recovering for Your Losses

Vehicle defects can cause many types of collisions, from rear-end crashes to rollovers. If you suffered serious injuries in an accident, you are likely facing:

When you file an insurance claim, you should seek enough to cover all of your past and future losses. These calculations are complicated, so you want a skilled attorney to handle them. We can assess the value of your case and handle all the necessary insurance negotiations.

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Car accident claims are often challenging, and they can be more difficult if they involve a rental company. You want an experienced car accident attorney from Berman & Russo to help you from the start of your case. Never wait to contact us to set up your free case evaluation. We can advise you of your legal options after a defective rental car accident.