What If Police Do Not Come After a Crash?

The law requires drivers to call the police after a motor vehicle crash and wait for their arrival at the accident site before leaving. The law enforcement officer creates and files a proper accident report and the parties involved in the crash can obtain a copy of the report to submit to insurance companies. But sometimes, the police cannot respond to a crash.

If the accident is minor, the police may ask the parties to exchange identifying information and insurance.. Or, the police may be occupied with other crimes taking precedence to the crash.

These are a couple of reasons why the police may not come to the crash. People who find themselves in this situation can create their own report and file it with the appropriate police department.

Motor Vehicle Crashes Must Be Reported in Connecticut

All motor vehicle accidents in Connecticut must be reported promptly to the police. This applies to accidents involving vehicle damage, injuries, or deaths. A simple 911 call will usually suffice, but it’s still better to call the police after calling 911 to ensure the authorities have been notified of the accident. While waiting for the police, the involved parties should exchange contact and insurance details with each other.

The responding police officer will:

How to Report a Crash in Connecticut?

If the police don’t come to the accident scene, the parties can make their own accident report and file it with the police. They can contact the police station nearest the accident scene to ask about the procedure for reporting a crash. Interested parties must file the accident report as soon as possible.

The police will provide specific forms to use for the report. In general, they include in their report the accident location, the circumstances of the crash, any injury or property damage, and the names, license numbers, addresses, and registration numbers of the parties involved. Photos, videos, witness statements, and other evidence related to the crash should also be included with those in the report.

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