What if The Police Do Not Show Up to The Scene of My Accident in Enfield?

All motor vehicle accidents that occur in Connecticut must be reported to the authorities even if there are no injuries and there’s only minor damage to property, but especially if the accident involved injuries, major property damage, and/or death. Once you have called the police to come to the accident scene, your only responsibility at the time is to exchange contact information and insurance details with all the parties involved in the crash.

In some cases, however, drivers involved in an accident wait for hours for the arrival of the police. In other instances, the police fail to come at all. If this happens to you and the police do not show up to the accident scene, it is up to you to report the accident.

How to Report an Accident in Connecticut

If the police don’t come to the accident site, check the website of the nearest police department or head to their office to file an accident report. An official report of the car accident will help in case the other driver claims that the crash was your fault and is suing you for damages, or if you’re planning on suing the at-fault driver for your injuries and related losses. You will likewise need the official report as evidence in an insurance or personal injury claim. 

Police reports typically contain neutral information on how the crash happened. But if the police fail to come to the crash site, you will need to collect all the available evidence at the accident site and document everything yourself to help prove that the other driver was at fault. Gather as much evidence and details as you can, which can include:

The evidence you obtain from the crash site will help your Enfield car accident attorney establish and prove fault and liability for your claim.

You should also keep in mind that while the state may not have additional requirements for reporting car accidents, individual counties and cities may have their own extra requirements. Failing to follow these local rules may result in you getting a ticket or losing your driving privileges.

Consult with an Experienced Enfield Car Accident Attorney Now

Police reports and accident reports are crucial pieces of evidence because they’re considered official accounts of the events surrounding a car accident. So make sure to call the police to document your accident or self-report the accident as soon as possible to protect your claim. Reach out to Berman & Russo to discuss your case with our Enfield car accident attorney. Send us an online message or call 860-644-1548 to schedule your free consultation now.