What is The Domestic Violence Arraignment Process in Windsor CT?

If you and your partner have been arguing for some time, things at home can escalate very quickly. Perhaps you did or said something, maybe as retaliation or to defend yourself, and immediately regretted it. But then your partner calls the police, and now you’re being arrested and accused of domestic violence

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, you will be required to go to court, regardless of whether you’re guilty or not, on the next business day for your arraignment. Courts take arraignments for domestic violence extremely seriously. The judge will need to make many decisions during the arraignment, which could have significant consequences on your life. This is why you have to be ready and know what you should expect before heading to your arraignment.

Understanding The Domestic Violence Arraignment Process

During your arraignment, which is your first court date, a couple of things can happen:

You must likewise keep in mind you will not be discussing the specific circumstances of your case during the arraignment. The main goals of the arraignment are to figure out the conditions of your release and which level of a protection order is necessary.

The entire arraignment process for domestic violence cases can be confusing and overwhelming, particularly if this is the first time you’re being arrested or charged with something. Also, since protection orders can lead to your removal from your home and your inability to speak to the alleged domestic violence victim, it is crucial to get advice from a skilled Windsor domestic violence defense lawyer before your arraignment date.

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