What Legal Rights Do I Have After a City Bus Accident in Hartford?

Right to Receive Prompt and Proper Medical Attention

City bus accidents can cause severe injuries requiring prompt medical care. But they can also cause injuries with delayed symptoms. When a person’s adrenaline level is high, and their fight or flight response is activated, they’re not in a position to accurately evaluate their condition. Receiving proper medical care will help catch those sneaky injuries before they worsen. Put simply, it’s better to be safe than sorry when an injured person’s health is on the line.

In addition, getting medical attention will create medical records that can help prove that the injured person sought medical care. These records will serve as vital evidence when they decide to pursue legal action against the liable party, which they should because they have the right to do so. 

The Right to Seek Fair Compensation From The Party That Caused The City Bus Accident

Public transportation companies in Connecticut are subject to the state’s common carrier rules. Common carriers are individuals or businesses that offer public transportation, such as city buses, taxis, trains, charter buses, and school buses, among others. All common carriers have a legal duty of care to act reasonably and ensure the safety of their passengers and other road users.

So, if passengers or pedestrians get injured in a city bus accident, they have the legal right to hold the negligent parties liable for their damages. But they still need to prove that the common carrier was negligent in order to secure fair compensation for their injuries and related losses in a personal injury claim.

The Right to Have Legal Representation

Injured people should never accept an insurance settlement without discussing their case with an attorney first. Typically, settlement offers are much less than the real value of the claimant’s losses, and a skilled Hartford bus accident lawyer can ensure that the claimant receives fair compensation.

Keep in mind that once a claimant receives money from the liable party, their claim will be closed. Their lawyer can handle all the negotiations with the liable party to make sure the claimant’s legal rights will be protected.

Get In Touch With a Seasoned Hartford Bus Accident Lawyer

Personal injury claims arising from city bus accidents can be more complex than claims involving private motor vehicles. For more information about your legal rights following a city bus accident in Connecticut, reach out to Berman & Russo right away. Set up a free case consultation with a Hartford bus accident lawyer by calling 860-644-1548 or sending an online message.