Documents Needed After a Crash

It’s very common for people to feel disoriented, confused, and even terrified after a motor vehicle crash. But people involved in a crash must take certain steps, including gathering or having specific information, to protect their interests and legal rights. Here are some essential documentation to collect after a crash.

Seek Medical Attention Right Away

Injured people must have official documentation to prove to insurance companies, adjusters, and attorneys that they sought proper and prompt treatment after getting injured in a crash. Their medical records will show the true extent and nature of their injuries, which will be helpful in proving the damages they’re seeking from the liable party.

Call The Police

Those who’ve been injured in a crash should obtain a copy of the police report from the accident scene. The police report can be used as evidence in a claim later because this will detail everything the officer observed at the crash.

At the scene, inform the police about the events of the crash, but don’t guess, speculate, or misstate anything, especially when asked about fault. Ensure the statements of other people involved in the crash are also accurate. If the police cannot come, head to the closest police station and report the crash as soon as possible.

Exchange Information

Injured parties should have the at-fault party’s contact information and insurance details. Verify their information by checking their insurance card and their driver’s license. If there are any witnesses, make sure to obtain their contact information and a statement of what they witnessed.

Take Clear Photographs and Videos

Photos and videos related to the crash will serve as crucial evidence when establishing fault and determining liability for the accident. They will also be vital in calculating the damages of the injured party. Important videos and photos to take include the damage to all vehicles, the road conditions at the time of the crash, any debris around the vehicles, and the injured party’s injuries. Video footage from dashcams, nearby properties, and traffic surveillance can also help paint a picture of the accident.

Keep a File of All The Accident-Related Records

Keep everything in one in a safe place and make copies of all the records just to be on the safe side. These records must include medical records, the claim number for the insurance claim, the information of the claims adjuster assigned to the case, the contact information of people related to the crash, videos, photos, and expenses incurred due to the crash.

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