What Should I Do After My Bicycle Accident?

Riding a bike to work, school, running errands, etc. has become increasingly popular. It is an excellent form of exercise, reduces pollution, and saves people money. While bicycling is a healthy and fun transportation option, bicyclists must always be extra careful when they share the road with other motor vehicles because they risk getting involved in a crash due to the negligence of other road users.

Unfortunately, it is the bicyclists who get seriously injured in car vs. bicycle accidents. To ensure injured bicyclists recover compensation from the at-fault party, here are some things they should do to protect their claim.

Receive Prompt Medical Attention

After the crash, injured bicyclists must always seek prompt medical attention. Even if they feel like they might not have suffered injuries requiring medical treatment, they must get a proper medical evaluation. They should inform the doctor they were in a crash. Receiving a medical diagnosis and treatment right after the crash will help prove any injuries, they suffered directly resulted from the bicycle accident.

Document The Accident Scene

If the bicyclist can safely move around, they should take videos and photos of the scene, get the insurance and contact information of the other party as well as any witnesses. These will be helpful for their lawyer’s investigation and their accident claim.

Call The Police

The responding officer will investigate the crash, gather evidence, take the statements of everyone involved, and include all their findings in a police report. This report can serve as essential evidence for the biker’s claim.

Retain a Somers Roadside Lawyer ASAP

Injured bicyclists may not know what to do to pursue compensation they can use for paying their bicycle accident-related expenses. Working with a Somers roadside lawyer who understands and can apply the law to the injured biker’s claim will ensure they obtain the compensation they’re entitled to. They will investigate the case, determine the biker’s damages, prove fault and liability for the biker’s damages, negotiate with insurers, and develop the best legal strategy to secure the most favorable results for the injured biker.

Don’t Talk to Anyone From The At-Fault Party’s Insurer

The insurer’s claims representative will do everything possible to trick the injured claimant into accepting a low settlement offer. In any accident, it is best to leave all discussions with insurance companies to lawyers who know how to deal with them.

Consult With a Skilled Somers Roadside Lawyer Now

Getting injured in a bicycle accident can be unsettling and overwhelming, but you do not have to go through it alone. Following the steps recommended above and having the right Somers roadside lawyer on your side can spell the difference between obtaining the compensation you deserve for your losses and getting nothing. To

learn more about what you can do after a bicycle accident, contact Berman & Russo at 860-644-1548 or online to set up your free case evaluation with a Somers roadside lawyer.