Where Can I Find My Police Report?

There are always negligent motorists who will do everything they can to avoid being blamed and liable for injuries and accident-associated losses they caused. Police or accident reports can serve as crucial evidence to refute a negligent motorist’s lies and support an injured person’s claim for compensation.

Various law enforcement agencies create and maintain police reports involving traffic accidents. Depending on the location and circumstances of the accident, injured people can obtain a copy of their police report from the Connecticut State Police or their local police department.

Getting a Police Report From The Connecticut State Police

The state police’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) offers two kinds of accident reports, an accident information summary, and an official accident report. The summary report can be obtained for free by going to this website:

While the accident summary report is not official, it can still be useful in preliminary accident investigations and making sure that the accident has been officially recorded by the police. This summary report includes preliminary details about the parties in the accident, relevant insurance information, all the vehicles involved, and a short summary of the traffic accident.

To obtain an official accident report, interested parties have the following options:

Getting a Police Report From Local Police Departments

Aside from the services offered by the state police, interested parties can also get an official report of their accident from their local law enforcement agencies. For instance, they can make a request with the Records Division of the Manchester Police Department, Enfield Police Department, Vernon Police Department, Hartford Police Department, Windsor Police Department, or other local police departments.

Local police have their own request procedures and record-keeping systems, so make sure to check their websites for specific guidelines.

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