Who is At Fault for a Chain Reaction Car Accident?

Chain reaction car accidents involve more than two motor vehicles. Determining who caused a car crash can be challenging enough when only two cars are involved. Each additional car makes determining fault and liability much more complex.

While many things can cause chain reaction car accidents, the most common causes are:

How is Fault Determined in Chain Reaction Car Accidents?

Figuring out fault can be difficult in chain reaction accidents because multiple drivers are involved, and each of them may share fault. And, fault is based on negligence, which means any party who failed to reasonably act and prevent the crash may be partly at-fault and liable for it. 

To illustrate, let’s say three cars in the same lane approach a red light. The middle driver was tailgating the lead driver, couldn’t stop in time, and crashed into the lead car, causing a collision the rear driver couldn’t avoid either. The middle driver, in this specific situation, would likely be found at fault for the chain reaction accident.

The rear driver might also be partly to blame for the crash if he was driving negligently. It can be immensely challenging to establish fault for a given chain reaction car accident without thoroughly investigating the events of the crash.

What Evidence Can Be Used to Prove Fault in Chain Reaction Car Accidents

Lawyers collect the following information to determine fault in chain-reaction car crashes:

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Insurers fight crash claims for chain-reaction car crashes since they are fully aware that the complexity of such crashes makes it easier for them to reduce or deny their policyholder’s fault and liability for the accident. They also know injured parties may have a difficult time proving their claims, especially if they do not have legal representation.

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