Who is Held Liable for a City Bus Accident?

In Connecticut, many commuters rely on city buses to commute to and from school, work, errands, appointments, and activities. These thousands of commuters depend on the safety measures and competence taken by the bus drivers and the companies that train them, employ them, and maintain and repair the buses.

Bus drivers and companies are ultimately liable for the safety of all road users and their passengers. But when bus drivers or their employers act negligently, whether it’s driving too fast, ignoring traffic rules, failing to maintain the equipment regularly, or some other inaction or negligent action, crashes may result in which passengers and other road users get injured or killed.

Common Types of City Bus Accidents

Some of the most common types of city bus crashes in Connecticut are:

Some city bus crashes may likewise involve speeding on highways, which can be extremely dangerous because buses need sufficient time to slow down. Regardless of the type of accident and what led to it, liability for an injured party’s damages hinges on figuring out which party caused the crash.

Who is Liable For Your City Bus Accident Losses?

As it is with other motor vehicle accidents, the party whose negligent actions caused the crash can be held responsible for the injured party’s losses. However, what makes city bus accidents different and more complex than an accident involving privately owned vehicles is that liability may be assigned to multiple parties. These potentially liable parties can include the following:

Determining liability in city bus crashes can be complicated. Likewise, if the claim is against the state or local government agency, the injured party will only have a limited time to file their claim.

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