Who Should I Call If I am in a Roadside Accident?

Injuries by another driver’s negligence can consume an injured person’s life for months, or years. Worse, they can lead to death. The lives of people injured in roadside accidents can change drastically, brought on by hefty medical expenses, physical and emotional pain and suffering, lost income, and reduced quality of life.

This is why people injured in roadside accidents in Connecticut should call Berman & Russo. Their South Windsor, CT, roadside lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience giving expert legal guidance to, and recovering financial compensation for, their injured clients. They will ensure their injured clients’ legal rights are safeguarded and they’re fully compensated for all their roadside accident-related losses.

What The South Windsor, CT, Roadside Accident Lawyers of Berman & Russo Can Do For You

After getting involved in a roadside crash, injured people are understandably uncertain of the steps they must take in pursuing appropriate compensation from the at-fault driver. It’s also unlikely that the negligent driver’s insurance provider will tell them what’s in their best interests.

To ensure injured parties recover fair compensation for their damages, the South Windsor, CT, roadside lawyers of Berman & Russo will handle the entire claims process, which usually involves:

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No matter the specific type of roadside accident you experienced, the lawyers of Berman & Russo are ready to work on your case and secure maximum compensation for you. Dial 860-644-1548 or reach us online to arrange a free case review with our South Windsor, CT, roadside lawyer.