Why Traffic Accidents in Connecticut Increase During Summer

Connecticut is one of the most scenic and historic seaside states in the country. Many tourists flock to the state and explore it by hiking, walking, biking, and driving. Teenagers and children are out of school for the summer, and their parents are constantly on the road, taking them to and from their summer activities.

Some teenagers, tourists and residents may be enjoying their newfound driving skills. With the increase in traffic, it’s no wonder that bicycle, pedestrian, and motor vehicle accidents all increase in the summer. But how exactly do these accidents happen, and what causes them?

Increase in Tourists

More people take to the road from June to August during summer and travel longer distances when compared to other months and seasons of the year. Unfortunately, tourist drivers have an increased risk of getting distracted while behind the wheel and missing turns, traffic signals, and signs because they are not familiar with the area.

Tourists who drink or do drugs and then decide to drive are another contributing factor to the increase in traffic accidents during summer. More compromised and drunk drivers on the roadways raise the risk of severe injuries and death for all road users. Drunk and drugged drivers are also more likely to get into head-on and rollover crashes than other drivers.

More People On The Roadways

The influx of tourists also means more motor vehicles on the roadways. Because tourists are not used to driving in the area, they might make sudden turns or other unexpected maneuvers, resulting in erratic and reckless driving. Likewise, more people out and about equal a higher risk for traffic crashes. Additionally, more drivers mean congested roads, which increases the risk of aggressive driving tactics and road rage.

Teenage Drivers

With school out for the summer and adults at work, teen drivers have time to drive around with less supervision from their parents or guardians. In Connecticut, there are more fatalities involving teenage drivers during summertime due to unstructured and unsupervised time behind the wheel. In fact, 10 people were killed in crashes involving teenage drivers during the 2020 summer season, which is twice the state’s average.

More Motorcycles and Bicycles Out on The Road

Because of the favorable weather, people are more inclined to ride their motorcycles and bicycles during summer. This means that drivers must share the road with unprotected motorcyclists and bicyclists. This increases the risk of roadside crashes, especially if drivers fail to drive defensively, vigilantly aware of all people sharing the road.

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