Both drivers killed in head-on crash

On April 27, a head-on collision in Connecticut resulted in the deaths of both drivers. The fatal car accident happened in Waterbury when the two cars collided at a curve along Thomaston Avenue near the border of Thomaston. The Waterbury deputy police chief said that one of the vehicles was traveling northbound while the other vehicle was traveling southbound.

The deceased victims of the car crash were a man and a woman. One of the drivers was killed after being ejected from his vehicle. Due to the ‘catastrophic” scene, the deputy chief said that excessive speed was clearly a factor in the accident.

It was determined that the male driver had apparently crossed the double yellow line into the opposite side of the road. Speed is also believed to have been a factor, and could very well have been the reason why the male driver ended up in the wrong lane at the time of the collision.

When all parties involved in a car accident are killed, investigators may still be able to determine which driver was at fault. Family members of a person killed in an accident like this may want to talk to an attorney about filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party’s estate. A personal injury attorney can help the surviving family members of a deceased car crash victim to subpoena police records, toxicology tests, security camera footage and other evidence that can be used to establish fault in a wrongful death lawsuit. Compensation that is sought in such a civil action could include funeral and burial expenses, loss of contributions and other applicable amounts.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “2 Drivers Dead After Serious Crash in Waterbury,” April 27, 2016