Car accidents often take place in familiar residential areas

Drivers in Connecticut and around the country are generally more vigilant when traffic is moving quickly. However, car accident studies reveal that many serious crashes occur on sparsely traveled roads and residential neighborhoods. Familiar or quiet surroundings encourage the mind to relax, and most motorists have realized at one time or another that they do not remember driving common routes. The subconscious mind is usually able to handle driving tasks fairly easily when the route being traveled is well known, but it may have difficulty coping with unexpected events such as an evasive maneuver from another vehicle or mechanical failure.

Road safety groups and first responders say that remaining alert and wearing safety belts are the best things that drivers can do to reduce their chances of being killed or seriously injured in a crash. Unfortunately, research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals that many motorists fail to properly restrain themselves when driving around town or running errands. Local roads become especially dangerous in the late afternoon and early evening hours when impatient commuters are heading home.

The dangers of busy city streets and fast-moving highways are well known, but researchers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that people are more likely to get in accidents on quiet local roads. Data from the road safety agency also shows that fatal accidents are more common per capita in sparsely populated states like Montana and North Dakota.

The victim of a reckless or negligent driver may want to file a claim for damages. Personal injury attorneys could prepare by studying accident reports and medical records for evidence that can be used to apportion liability and establish negligence.