Cargo will be focus of CVSA inspection blitz

Commercial truck drivers in Connecticut may be subject to inspection June 6-8. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will hold its annual inspection blitz during these days. For the event this year, the inspection will focus on cargo securement.

Most truck drivers will receive a North American Standard Level I inspection, and this includes the inspection of cargo. The CVSA says it hopes that the extra emphasis on cargo safety will remind drivers of its importance, and it has also produced a fact sheet with cargo securement tips. The Level I inspection is the most thorough of its kind.

The CVSA advises that tie-downs be inspected for any wear and tear and cargo needs to be secured correctly. Violations that inspectors will be looking for include failure to secure equipment, lack of prevention of the shifting or loss of cargo and damaged, insufficient or loose tie-downs.

People who are involved in truck accidents could get seriously injured. These crashes can be particularly serious due to the immense size of a truck. Drivers may cause truck accidents because of improper cargo securement, a lack of sufficient sleep or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They might also become distracted or drive recklessly. If an accident is a truck driver’s fault, the injured party might expect an insurance payment to cover his or her medical expenses and vehicle costs, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the compensation amount is just not enough, and when this happens, an injured individual may want to consult with an attorney. A lawyer may be able to negotiate more compensation or file a lawsuit if necessary. The truck driver’s employer also might be found liable in a lawsuit.