Child Injury Lawyers In Connecticut

At Berman & Russo, the pursuit of damages claims on behalf of injured children and their families is an important focus of our practice. The issues of liability and damages involving child injury victims can differ significantly from cases involving injured adults.

Our law firm's ability to analyze liability issues in terms of your child's age, development and judgment at the time of the accident can represent an important advantage in cases involving playground accidents or unsafe toys.

Duty Of Care

Children are held to a lower standard of care than adults, but how much responsibility a child might bear for an accidental injury will depend on such factors as age, educational level and degree of understanding of the actual risk encountered.

However, in situations where a vehicle accident involves a child, it is on the driver to take greater care when in the presence of children. Whether a child is on a bicycle, playing near the street or simply walking, it is up to the adult in the situation to act with a greater duty of care, as children are prone to unpredictable behavior. This means that a driver or another adult should expect that a child may run out in front of a car chasing a ball or could make a sharp turn on a bicycle at any time, and therefore the adult should be increasingly watchful and take extra safety precautions around children.

Approaching Injury Cases Involving Children

Evaluating and proving the damages suffered by an injured child can also present challenges for an accident attorney. The impact of a blow of a given force is likely to harm a child more than an adult. Children's healing rates are different from those of adults, and even relatively simple injuries, such as fractures, can sometimes have developmental consequences that will need to be monitored and considered in a damages demand.

We represent families with damages claims for injured children in such negligence situations as the following:

We understand how difficult children's injuries can be. Parents never want to see their child hurt or suffer. Our firm is compassionate in our handling of these cases, aggressively pursuing compensation and holding the negligent party responsible. Our goal is to maximize your compensation so your family can move forward.

Your Child's Future Is Important To Us

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