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Frank C.

Attorney Berman and his team were the height of professionalism, compassion, and expertise. They saw our case through to an excellent resolution, maintaining constant communication with us every step of the way. We can recommend their practice without any hesitation


I am so pleased with the Outstanding service that I received from Attorney Berman and his staff. Their communication with me was Outstanding from day one and throughout my case. I could not be any happier with the results. Highly recommend. Thank you for everything.

Nini S.

Forever grateful for the representation I received from Atty Berman and Nancy V. on my Workers Compensation Case. They were thorough, and kept me updated every step of the way. They went up and beyond to make sure I received what was fair in a timely manner. Attorney Jon Berman and Nancy V. definitely were advocates on my behalf! I am extremely satisfied with the results. Highly recommend!

Brendan F.

Jon saved the day....I contacted Attorney Jon Berman for a difficult Worker's Compensation situation I unexpectedly found myself in. Jon was straightforward, knowledgeable, and proactive while representing me. Jon truly cared about me and invested himself into helping me. I will be forever indebted to Jon and his team. My family and I are blessed that Jon was sent to help us....Thank you again Jon

Cesar F.

An amazing team and true professionals! My experience at Berman & Russo has been nothing but positive. They did an amazing job on my case and I would highly recommend. I was in a car accident this past January and almost didn't even contact an attorney, afraid of the headache a potential lawsuit might bring. But after meeting Attorney Berman, my wife and I were put at ease. They took care of everything and always were available to answer any questions we had. They treated us with respect and dignity from beginning to end. Look no further than Berman & Russo, you will not be disappointed.

Barbara R.

From the moment we met with Jon Berman we felt at ease. He was straight and honest with us from day one. Jon and his law partner Frank, worked tirelessly as a team on our grandson's case, that became multiple cases, as his mental illness escalated. They kept us updated throughout the process, even on weekends and holidays. They were instrumental in getting our grandson the help he needed for his illness. If not for their dedication to his case, he would have ended in jail and not in the health facility that is providing him much needed treatment. The Berman and Russo Law Firm is beyond amazing! John and Frank truly care about their clients and their staff is extremely professional and ready to help in any way they can. They are definitely the team you want on your side. I would highly recommend The Law Office of Berman and Russo. We can't thank them enough!

Kevin A.

Great service by Attorney Berman and his staff! They made me feel like family from day one. Great Communication, great people and GREAT WORK!!!

Chelsea S.

I've been working with Jon Berman and Frank Russo, as my attorneys for the last year of 2016, after I was referred by a friend who was in an automobile accident. The law firm did a phenomenal job on my case. They got me the justice I deserved and did a excellent job communicating with me throughout the entire process. They guided me through all my ups and downs. I can truly vouch for them that they put in all efforts individually to their clients and take their clients seriously to get the best outcome and will fight for you. I would recommend anyone and everyone with any accident or criminal case. They are knowledgeable in the work that they do. Always on time and prepared for what ever is at hand. I have much gratitude towards the hard work they have put in to my case seeing that I get the best outcome as possible. If you're looking for a lawyer that will have your back, I would highly recommend the Berman and Russo firm.

Tara J.

Attorney Berman is highly, highly recommended! Great settlement, great staff! THANK-YOU! I talk about this office to anyone who will listen.

Alex B.

The staff at Berman and Russo Law offices were very quick to get me an appointment. Talking to the lawyer was very easy because, he understood my problems and concerns. They took care of my problem and got a great outcome for me quickly. Really liked the fact that the attorney's were available day or night by text or phone call. Working with them was like working with a friend.

Addison T.

Berman & Russo are Amazing!! Attorney Jon Berman is vary thorough and does not back down!! Thank you for standing up for me and having the case dropped.

Jessica F.

Attorney Berman and his staff are absolutely amazing! My family and I were very fortunate to have been referred to his attention. The entire process was smooth and professional. I highly recommend him and his staff! You will be in great hands!

Rebecca K.

Wonderful experience with Mr. Berman and his entire office. From my very first encounter until the end result they were professional, kind, understanding and mostly supportive. Every step of the way I was informed about what was happening and what to expect. Mr. Berman help keep me calm and positive. In the end things turned out better than we could have expected. I couldn't have had a better experience. Thank you Berman & Russo

H Ferg.

My son, a local college student, needed representation and I just cannot praise the work of Attorneys Berman and Russo enough! They gave our family peace of mind, spent as much time with us as we needed, and fought to give us the best outcome possible. Thank you both so much for your patience, guidance, and professionalism.

Stefanie C.

They are very professional, I had a great experience, they are very caring and a good group to deal with. I highly recommend!

Todd M.

Attorney Berman was very professional and always took time to update us throughout the entire process. He always made time to answer any questions, and was always accessible.

Quincy F.

Attorney Berman and his staff are so kind and friendly. This office has provided me with great customer service and support during my situation. I am truly blessed that I was introduced to this law firm and I highly recommend anyone who needs an attorney to choose Berman and Russo.

Jessica S.

I needed a criminal attorney in the Middletown area, after reading their reviews I decided to contact them. Jon and Frank surpassed all of my expectations. The time and dedication they put into my case was top notch, as well as their ability to communicate with me throughout this whole ordeal. My charges were eventually dismissed, although I was not guilty to begin with I still was wrongfully prosecuted and with their help the outcome was beyond satisfactory. I highly recommend Jon Berman/Frank Russo for any legal council you may require!!!

Linda B.

The Berman & Russo firm did a great job handling my auto accident for me. The entire staff was helpful and professional. I was not looking forward to having to go through a claim process or a lawsuit, and they made it easy. Attorney Berman helped me find the best doctors and also got a great out of court settlement for me. I highly recommend this firm.

Brendan F.

Jon saved the day....I contacted Attorney Jon Berman for a difficult Worker's Compensation situation I unexpectedly found myself in. Jon was straightforward, knowledgeable, and proactive while representing me. Jon truly cared about me and invested himself into helping me. I will be forever indebted to Jon and his team. My family and I are blessed that Jon was sent to help us....Thank you again Jon


Jon Berman represented my father in a work comp case. When all other attorney's refused because it wasn't a sure thing Jon took on a challenge and won. Since then i have been back for my car accident and all i can say professionalism and trustworthy with the whole staff. Thank you Jon and to your whole staff.

Michael D.

I would recommend Jon Berman to anyone looking for a lawyer. Jon is a real down to earth person who actually cares about his clients. He goes way above and beyond to make sure you get what you deserve. I can't say enough good things about him. If your looking for a lawyer he is the one to call.

Brianna B.

Even though this was a pretty tough journey, my lawyer really did everything in his might and made sure that my accident case was properly handled. During treatment my lawyer made sure I had a really good doctor to make sure I was actually being treated properly so that I could get back to being my normal self. The lawyers at Berman & Russo also did a great job helping me with my case in court.

Heidi C.

I've been represented by the lawyers of Berman and Russo on a few occasions. They definitely went above and beyond their normal duties for me as their client as-well-as took a personal interest in my well-being both before and after my case was over.

Eileen E.

Attorney Berman was very patient and always informative as my son and I went through a rather harrowing legal case. He was resourceful in obtaining information to support my son's defense and realistic about the outcome. His expertise resulted in my son's case being dropped. Thank you Jon

Paul B.

Call Berman & Russo-you won't be disappointed. The effort that the team put into my case was unrivaled, and thanks to this, my case ended perfectly. Frank and Jon took great care of me over multiple months, and really made it feel like my legal issues were as important to them as they were to me. The duo treated me like family, I knew that I could call them any time I needed to. We talked for many hours throughout the entire process and they always kept me updated on their progress and exactly where the case was at, which was always very reassuring and comforting. In court, Berman & Russo were always outstandingly prepared for anything that might happen, and always made sure that I was ready, relaxed, and knew what to do before appearing in front of the judge. I would highly recommend Berman & Russo to anyone, and if I ever need legal help again, they'll without a doubt be the first ones I call.

James F.

Best team in the state, they handled my multiple cases in different court rooms orchestrated them perfectly. Jon was on vacation for some of my case and the guy was calling me every day from the beach which was really comforting. They really put theirs entire energy and emotions into it. Jon and Frank know their way around the court. Right out of the gate watching them work I was at ease. thank u

Diane D.

My daughter was in need of private legal counsel as a result of being issued an FTA. The case was originally handled by a public defender (PD), but once the FTA was issued, the PD was unreachable. We knew that in order for our daughter's case to be fairly heard, she needed private legal counsel to represent her. That is when I solicited for help from Berman & Russo.

Both Jon and Frank were compassionate to situation and needless to say our daughter was fairly represented and was not incarcerated. This was huge and we owe it all to Jon and Frank's support. These men are pleasant and great to work with. I would highly recommend there services to anyone who needs legal help.

Julio H.

Rear-end collision MVA, got a neck injury. Did not want to deal with the stress and headache of dealing with the insurance company for medical issues. Was recommended to Berman & Russo by a friend. Jon and his staff are extremely friendly and professional. I was anxious and stressed out but they helped me relax by handling all my issues and answering all my questions quickly. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an attorney who will actually give a damn about you and make sure you're taken care of in all aspects of your situation. Much appreciated B&R!


Great service with Attorney Berman and his staff. Professional, prompt, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommended

Marion C.

I couldn't; be more satisfied with the representation I received from Jon Berman and his staff. I feel like I made a friend for life. I would highly recommend his services to any member of my family or my friends should they ever need his service. I am one happy lady. He is the BEST!!!!!

Matt N.

In the most difficult situation of my life, I turned to the internet to find a lawyer just as I'm sure you are doing right now. I found Jon Berman. It was the best decision I have ever made! With his knowledge of law and his expertise he literally saved my life, family and career. I could of never have done it without him.

Kris M.

I contacted Berman & Russo through an inquiry on their website and received a response the same day. They were very knowledgeable and thorough counseling me through every step of the way making the entire process easy to understand. I'm eternally grateful for such fine and professional representation. Their supporting staff is very friendly and helpful as well. I will definitely use them in the future for any legal matters.

Lesia L.

I can't say enough about how John Berman and his team took care of us during a very stressful time which happened to happen during the Memorial weekend. John took time to comfort and help us during the long weekend. He put our minds at ease and was there for us when we needed him. Sometimes you just need advice and John was there for our family. And I know I can count on him when needed. Thank you!

Elias A.

You know its great to know they're people who still care. I called in and was treated like a person excellent customer service. Special thank you to Nancy! Will definitely recommend!

Kyle W.

From the moment my family first met with Frank and John, we felt a renewed optimism about our legal situation. They went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. Through the entire process they kept us informed every step of the way. The detail they put into there work was second to none. Most importantly they were completely honest and upfront with everything. There's no doubt they were the reason we were able to secure such a favorable outcome. We would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone. Thanks again!

Hassan A.

Very good lawyer and very nice work.


Jon Berman represented my father in a work comp case. When all other attorney's refused because it wasn't a sure thing Jon took on a challenge and won. Since then i have been back for my car accident and all i can say professionalism and trustworthy with the whole staff. Thank you Jon and to your whole staff.

Aaron G.

About a year ago I was falsely accused of a crime which had the potential to destroy my education and future career. Jon Berman's dedication to law and justice was very obvious in his interactions with me. Jon and his team communicated regularly with me and addressed my many concerns. Throughout the whole process, Jon kept me informed weekly and answered all my questions. He was able to get my case dropped and off my record. I highly recommend Jon Berman because he is thorough, listens, and is patient.

David B.

A happy and very thankful Fathers Day 2017 ! I am not from this part of Connecticut and my University student got into some rather serious trouble with the local authorities. We contacted Berman and Russo team and quickly discovered that we had found the very best possible resource to handle our case. They are total professionals and understand the optimum path to a positive resolution, within the local jurisdiction. Their fees were more than fair considering the fact that both Jon and Frank worked the case together, both were available at any time to connect and review with us, and the overall personal attention to my child's welfare was without a doubt the reason that the case was resolved favorable to us. If you need help, look no further, I promise you are in good hands, and will be treated like family with respect and fairness second to none.

Eric E

My experience with attorney Berman and Nancy was great. They provide a very professional and warm environment that should be commended. I would highly recommend the law offices of attorney Jon D. Berman to all my friends and family.