Connecticut State Police arrest 2 men with heroin

State police arrested two out-of-state men after a traffic stop in Tolland uncovered in excess 400 bags of heroin. According to the police report, a state police patrol on Interstate 84 noticed an eastbound Hyundai sedan tailgating. After noting that the passenger was not wearing a seat belt, officers stopped the vehicle on Interstate 84 near exit 69.

Officers reported seeing brownies in the car’s glove compartment, which they suspected to be laced with THC. They summoned a K-9 narcotic detection unit to the scene. Consequently, a police dog signaled the presence of narcotics. Officers initiated a search of the vehicle and found a cardboard box in the passenger compartment that contained over 200 bags of heroin. They then arrested the two men, ages 40 and 46. A search of the 40-year-old man produced more bags.

The men were jailed, and authorities set their bonds at $150,000 each. Both men were charged with possession of narcotics with an intent to sell.

People who have been taken into custody after being accused of committing drug crimes have a right to legal advice and representation. The possible penalties if a conviction is obtained can be quite severe, including lengthy periods of incarceration. As a result, they might find it advisable to meet with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that a strategy to contest the charges can be built. One possible challenge could be to the initial traffic stop that led to the seizure of the drugs as being made by the authorities without the required reasonable suspicion.

Source: FOX 61, “Police: Over 400 bags of heroin seized in Tolland“, Bobby Martinez, June 3, 2017