Connecticut student dies in hit-and-run

Police are still investigating the tragic death of a university student who was killed near campus in the early morning of Dec. 18. Connecticut authorities are now seeking the vehicle and its driver who was involved in the fatal hit-and-run that claimed the life of a popular Conn College student. Police say they may have leads on the vehicle involved.

According to the accident report, police responded to a bystander’s call reporting an injured individual on a corner around 2 a.m. It is unclear how long the man was lying there before he was spotted by the bystander. He was found unresponsive and rushed to a local hospital for treatment. He was later pronounced dead of his injuries.

The vehicle involved apparently did not stop when the collision took place. Police say the car would likely have massive front-end damage as a result of striking the student with the force required to kill him. So far they have not made any arrests pertaining to this case, but they are hopeful the driver will soon be brought to justice.

Once Connecticut police find the driver responsible for the hit-and-run, that individual will likely face criminal charges, including failure to remain at the scene of an accident causing injury. In addition, the family of the deceased student will be entitled to file a wrongful death charge against the driver. If provided evidence of the driver’s involvement in the crash is made available, this evidence could be used to secure financial damages in a civil court setting.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Conn College Student Hit and Killed Near Campus“, Dec. 18, 2015