Construction Accident Lawyer

Injuries Construction Workers Can Suffer in Accidents On The Job

Construction site accidents can cause a wide array of injuries. Here are some common ones:

What Our South Windsor Construction Accident Lawyers Can Do For Your Case

When recovering from your injuries, having the right lawyer on your side will make it easier for you to obtain the compensation you deserve. At Berman & Russo, our seasoned South Windsor construction accident lawyers will advocate for your rights by:

Ensuring You Understand All The Laws Applicable to Your Claim

If you get injured or develop a disease or illness on the job, you generally cannot take legal action against your employer. Instead, you must seek compensation for your work injury-related losses through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Our South Windsor construction accident lawyers will ensure you understand how a workers’ comp claim differs from a third-party injury claim and the laws applicable to your situation.

They will investigate your case, obtain, and review relevant evidence, and work with other professionals to determine the worth of your claim and the best legal options to pursue.

Identifying All The Parties Liable for Your Injuries

There might be multiple individuals or companies liable for your injuries. Our lawyer will identify all liable parties to increase your chances of securing the maximum compensation to cover all your losses.

Representing You in Hearings, Negotiations, and Litigation

If the liable party isn’t willing to settle your claim fairly, your case will advance to a workers’ comp hearing or a trial in court. Both options are very complex. You must have the proper paperwork and strong evidence to support your case to ensure you receive all the benefits and compensation you are entitled to.

What You Should Know About Lawsuits Involving Construction Accident Injuries

While you can’t file a lawsuit against your employer if you were injured while working, you may be able to file a lawsuit against a third party who contributed to or caused the construction accident and your injuries:

Put simply, if any party other than your employer created or contributed to the conditions resulting in your injuries, you may step outside the workers’ comp system and sue them. This will help you recover the compensation you need for all your construction accident-related losses.