Defensive riding techniques boost safety for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists on Connecticut roadways can employ some strategies to reduce their chances of being in an accident. These methods, known collectively as defensive riding, allow riders to proactively watch out for dangerous situations and avoid them whenever possible.

Visibility poses one of the greatest challenges for bikers, and cautious motorcyclists assume that drivers in enclosed vehicles will not see them. To avoid the blind spots of drivers, defensive riders choose to ride near the dividing line of a road and in the left lane on highways. This roadway position also creates the option to swerve left or right in the face of danger and still possibly avoid going onto the rough shoulder.

Curves on the road also present a danger. To increase safety, motorcyclists should enter curves slowly and stay away from the center line while in the curve. This method allows a rider to limit the chance of running wide or sliding out. Numerous other actions contribute to safety. Reflective clothing enhances visibility at night. Proper motorcycle maintenance reduces the possibility of a mechanical failure during operation. As with drivers of other vehicles, motorcyclists should also keep a safe distance from other vehicles at all times.

Even the best of efforts of any motorcyclist might not be enough to avoid an accident. An inattentive car driver, one who is speeding or a another motorist’s failure to yield could cause a crash. A biker who suffered serious injuries in such an accident might decide to seek damages with the assistance of an attorney who can attempt to demonstrate negligence through the police investigation report, the testimony of eyewitnesses and other evidence.